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    Ok I want to first say I have jailbroken 1.1.3 twice, the Official Dev. Team method and iPod Elite Teams method. Both are pretty crappy. The first time I jailbroke I tried to jailbrake 1.1.2. I uninstalled almost all my apps and recovery mode came from the shinning hill. So ok that's fine I want to start new. So I restored to 1.1.1 and then to 1.1.2 jailbroken. Long story short I used the iPod Elite Teams method. Took two hours and so i just hard rebooted. Worked awesome with all the apps and features in 1.1.3. Then installer problems started happening. I didn't really hear about the BossTool thing till after my problems started. So I was able to install a couple apps, but then errors happened. And now SSH wasn't working, because I uninstalled it and couldn't get it back. And no programs would install. So I restored again. Back at 1.1.2 I used the Official jailbreak form the dev. team. Hoping it would solve my problems with installer, summerboard, customize and all the apps. I did it. This time I was so excited I forget the part that would fix my problem. I installed some apps real quick, and forgot about BossTool. And went and uninstalled some apps and installed BossTools it worked! So I went and did the clean up, but I still get the problems. My guess is that the installed apps that I did when I was excited might have begin a bath in the OS space and so even if I did do the app downloads in the bogger space they would leak to the smaller space. So right now I'm not going to restore. I'm going to wait till I get home and start the proccess over and be smart. I'm going to do the BossTool first thing and then do the symlinks second and then install my apps. Hopefully some noobs learned a lesson from my story. And sorry about the wall of text I just want to waste time. I have two projects due monday.

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