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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by artreides, Jan 9, 2008.

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    i really have no idea how this happened, but here it is.
    i have a jailbroken 16 gig touch. i have about 20 added apps on it which only took up about 60 mbs of space and another 13 gigs of music, but when i plugged my ipod into my girlfriends cpu to get a little of her music it asked me if i wanted to sync my ipod with her library as opposed to manually manage, whish i always have my ipod set to. what happened when i said no to syncing i looked at the itunes homescreen for my ipod it said i no longer had any music but that i still had the same amount of memory taken. the 13.xx gigs that used to made up of the music and other categories is now only other, and all of my music is gone.

    someone help me.
    i have idea wha to do about this. please respond to this or pm me as soon as possible.
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    Do you have an app called swaptunes installed? Because swaptunes allows you to sync with two computers by moving your music from one computer into the "Other" section.

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