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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by boneshard17, Dec 2, 2009.

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    Hey peeps. Well this is my problem and the question i wanna ask:
    I got an iPod touch with 3.1 software. I had some problems with 2 of my AppStore buyed(from free section) apps-they didn't want to upgrade so i was prty annoyed cause i couldn't get rid of the icons with waiting on then(tried all sorts of hitting the icons but nothing worked) so I thought of using the Erase All Content and Settings. So for like 30 mins it showed me about 2 loading bars like the ones when u upgrade ur software and after that it kept and keeps showing me the Apple logo and the loading wheel woth breaks after 10-15 mins of loading-breaks that consist in screen going white and then black in like half a sec and then it shows me the apple and loading.
    So......the moment of truth: Is it normal to do that? And how long should it normally take?Srry for making another thread but the original was a reply and i want this to be seen so pls help

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