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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by Ford GT, Jan 5, 2009.

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    Nov 10, 2008
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    Here are my iTunes equalizer settings. Any good settings you guys recommend? I have found these settings to be pretty good.

    Preamp +6
    32 -7
    64 -5
    125 -2
    250 -4
    500 -5
    1k -6
    2k -2
    4k -2
    8k -4
    16k -3

    All numbers are negative, or under the 0db mark except the preamp setting.
  2. elars

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    Nov 28, 2008
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    Any time you're pushing something past the 0db mark (anything above -6 since your preamp is at +6) you're degrading the quality of the audio. If you need it louder, turn up your speakers.

    As far as settings go, depends on what type of music you listen to predominantly, they can all vary. Obviously a classical arrangement would benefit from a different EQ setting than a Drum n Bass song.

    For optimum settings, look up some audiophile page with EQ suggestions, and tweak that to your liking. Most EQ's make flowing curves and rarely quick changes (e.g. -6, -5, -5, -4 and not -6, -2, -6). Notching your EQ effects the ranges around it as well...

    Of course, EQ's only really matter if your speakers are good enough to allow you to hear the difference

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    Jan 7, 2009
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    yes, having good speakers means you should tune your equalizer to match your music, but my ipod has many other equalizer settings besides genres that can accommodate for my speakers' or headphones' specific frequency response faults. for example, my sony in-ears have really crappy drivers that can't move far enough through the air to create bass without creating an audible signal (harmonic distortion) so i just put those frequencies a bit lower that i didn't notice that effect and i added a notch at some band towards the higher frequencies because it started sounding really tinny before it attenuated to silence. at a pathetic level, like 15khz. dont buy sony if its the cheaper of some other choice. it is that cheap for a reason and that will always be true for a company that caters to all price ranges.
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    I thought the "best" EQ setting was FLAT. If the record artist wanted you to hear more or less bass, they would have cranked it up or down for you - therefore why should the user have to adjust the music when the artist already did so to get it the way THEY liked it?

    Just think, if you rented a movie, and didn't like the color the director used, you don't go up and adjust the color on your TV do you?

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