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    Im going to Turkey in 3 weeks and throught it would be cool if i could attempt to speak turkish

    Is there any app that allows me to do this

    Preferably a paid app as i would trust it more than a free one as free translators are a little sh*t in places
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    Turkish isn't easy and there's no real free translators around. There's a good free Turkish - Engilsh dictionary on the App Store though called Sozluk. I use this when I need to. In general though most people will speak some English and even the man on the street and the taxi drivers often a know a few words.

    A few words of advice: expect to pay 'yabanci prices' for street goods and services, as the traders and service staff will try and charge you more than the locals. It's the general norm but you can barter them down. Watch out for the taxi drivers though - they're all generally low-paid drivers of cars they pay to hire so may try and fleece you. Check they reset the meter when you get in, check its not on 'gece' tariff (12pm-7am night tariff) and make sure they don't take you on the 'scenic route'. I'm just saying these things as friends have had their 'Turkish experience' dampened by small things like this, especially the taxi drivers (who are plentiful, cheap and you'll rely on predominantly to get around as public transport is chaotic and difficult to understand at first). Overall though, Turkey's a beautiful country - I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun. The Turks love foreigners and will make you feel very, very welcome. I came travelling here on holiday, fell in love with the country (and a girl) and never left.

    Best bet is to learn a few phrases in regular use:

    'istemiyorum' - I don't want it
    'isitiyorum' - I want it
    '(sthing) alabilir miyim' - can I have (sthing)
    'doviz' - foreign exchange office
    sagol / merci / tesekkruler - ta / thanks / thank you
    lutfen - please
    merhaba - hello
    gorusuruz - see you
    hosgeldin - welcome
    hosbulduk - I am made to feel welcome
    bir - one
    iki - two
    uc - three

    and so concludes Turkish 101.

    Iyı yolculuklar (safe travels)

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