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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by davidinsarasota, Sep 26, 2009.

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    My new unjailbroken IpT3g32 goes into an endless synch whenever it is connected to my pc (ie. whenever it would normally synch).

    If I manually stop synch, none of my added apps appear on the Touch, but all of them are visible on the 'Applications' tab of the Device window on the pc. All of my music files and podcasts are on the touch.

    All else appears normal. I suspect this malfunction was triggered when I attempted to load photos from the pc to the Touch. I have since unchecked the folder I was attempting to to load in the 'Photos' tab of the device screen, and restarted both pc and Touch to no avail.

    Should I 'Restore' from the Summary tab? Will I loose all the apps I purchased if I do?

    Or should I return the unit (still in the 15 day window). Presumably I will be able to load my tediously stocked Itunes music library, but will have to repurchase apps.

    Help appreciated.
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    Even though none of them had similar problems, I started reading through other 'help' posts and it appears that 'restore' is not as big a deal as the warning pop up suggests, so I will try that and report back.

    I also checked to make sure my purchased and free apps appear in my itunes account, so I may be able to relaod them as well.

    Still, no safe way to load photos onto the touch. Is this a known buggy?
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    It' been trying to re-synch library for about an hour now, after restore, no joy. Any suggestions?

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