Elude Ball iPhone/iPod touch Game! OpenFeint Enabled! One of the best Arcade Games!

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    iPhone 3GS (Black)
    **Developed by a 13 year old iPhone Dev**

    ***Elude Ball: $0.99 !!! Get it Here!http://bit.ly/7j0Mb5 ***

    ***One of the best Arcade Games out on the App Store! GET IT! http://bit.ly/7j0Mb5 http://img715.imageshack.us/img715/6831/photo3f.jpg

    Elude Ball is an awesome OpenFeint Enabled game where you have to elude or avoid 4 enemy balls trying to crash into you! You can elude them with your Finger or with the accelerometer.
    You can even submit your score and earn achievements with OpenFeint! Great Backround Music During Gameplay!

    Game Features

    *Elude Balls with Your Finger or Accelerometer*
    *Awesome Gameplay Track, Great Sound Effects*
    *Submit your Score to OpenFeint*
    *Earn Achievements with OpenFeint*
    *View High Scores from around the world*
    *Best Way to have Fun!*

    *Coming Soon!!!*

    PTZ Mode (Collect PTZ as you Elude the enemy balls!)
    iPod Music Player Integrated! (Pick music From Your iPod Built in to the game!)

    GET IT HERE!: http://bit.ly/7j0Mb5

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