Elan Form Chrome/Otterbox Impact Review

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    Otterbox Impact Review

    Today i will be reviewing the Otterbox Impact for iPhone 3G ($19.95), it is a silicone case with an emphasis on protection.
    http://static-cache.ifans.com/imgcache3/e9db85487b0113ffcaa821571bdc61c5.png?orig_url=http://www.[PIRACY.mf].com/imgbnc.php/0a6dcb3eda761b9ff0b4f47f7fb3b7fa5g.jpg http://static-cache.ifans.com/imgcache3/2159b685227530571a4679e1b4d52681.png?orig_url=http://www.[PIRACY.mf].com/imgbnc.php/a3021fd4803df6098cc740972ee5b4225g.jpg
    Stuff included (case, cloth, and screen protector)
    The inside of it has a bunch of cut out squares where the extra bracing of silicone is on the outside for maximum protection
    http://static-cache.ifans.com/imgcache3/0274fa4d4bb878d42bcec7dd7a7b34ec.png?orig_url=http://www.[PIRACY.mf].com/imgbnc.php/0274fa4d4bb878d42bcec7dd7a7b34ec5g.jpg http://static-cache.ifans.com/imgcache3/23f9648bbce9c46d347c84ceed42609d.png?orig_url=http://www.[PIRACY.mf].com/imgbnc.php/23f9648bbce9c46d347c84ceed42609d5g.jpg
    Pictures w/ the iPhone inside of the case

    Screen Protector
    The cloth included is pretty small and is about 2 in X 2 in. The static screen protector has really clear instructions so its impossible to mess up, and leaves no residue after removal
    Look & Feel
    It looks decent, but not great as it was meant for protection and not beauty. It feels great, all the buttons work great (even the covered home button), the dock connector, silent switch, speaker & mic, and 3.5mm connector work fine, but the SIM Tray is inaccessible (not that big of a deal). It doesn't attract that much dust and lint, unlike other silicone cases
    This is where the Impact shines, it has special bracing on the back, front, and sides so you are pretty much protected from any type of drop.
    Protection/Coverage 10/10 It was especially designed to protect from drops (extra silicon on back to cushion impact) and covers everything but the screen, mute switch, bottom, light sensors
    Looks 8/10 Not ugly, but not that good looking
    Feel/Build Quality 9/10 Built rugged, but doesn't feel really bulky since the extra silicone is only where it matters
    Value 9/10 Great case for only $20
    Putting it on 6.5/10, There is no special design to help make it easy to put on, you have to put the top part in then, stretch the bottom around to make it go in
    Overall 8.75/10 The main con is that putting it on is a hassle, but otherwise, it is a great $20 case

    This is my first case review so I might have gone photo crazy, any feedback is appreciated
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    Elan Form Chrome Review

    The Elan Form Chrome iPhone 3G ($34.99) is a slider case with a hard plastic interior and a leather exterior with chrome colored accents
    The 2 parts unassembled
    The 2 parts assembled without phone
    Front and Back with phone in
    Screen Protector
    It includes a pretty big ≈ 3.5 in X 3.5 in cleaning cloth and a static peel protector, the instructions aren't really clear since they both have "Remove" on them
    Look and Feel
    Looks pretty and the leather back makes it kinda feel like a Blackberry Bold and the chrome accents make it look pretty cool
    Leaves top, bottom, and part of the side where the volume buttons and mute switch exposed and absorbs some of the shock of a drop (hard cases don't protect from drops that much without a silicone interior [like the Speck Candyshell])

    Protection/Coverage 8.5/10 It leave all of the bottom and top exposed, and part of the side where the volume buttons are
    Looks 10/10 Looks great
    Feel/Build Quality 9/10 Quality Assurance where Griffin doesn't do so well, most products have some minor fit issues; this is no exception, the front part where the 2 parts meet doesn't match 100% (just a minor aesthetic problem), otherwise, the case has full button/port access and good build quality
    Value 8/10 $35 is a lot for a case, especially one with nothing extra special
    Putting it on 9.5/10 It slides in and out with ease
    Overall 9/10 Good looking case for $35 dollars with decent protection and complete port/button access

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