Editing .mobileconfig wireless profiles?

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    My college (Georgia Highlands College, for those that want to know) has a campus that is located on a separate college's campus. (Southern Polytechnic State University [SPSU])

    SPSU has a very sophisticated wireless network. Quoted from their website: "The SPSU wireless system utilizes state-of-the-art Meru Networks access points and EAP-TTLS security."

    By default, my iPod Touch does not support their certificate for connection. (Equifax Authority)

    They have two network access points, ghc (ours) and hornet (theirs). Both use the same security and, I'm guessing, same modems[/routers?].

    They do provide a .mobileconfig for their hornet access point, but they said that there are legal issues with making one for ghc. I work for the GHC IT department, and they haven't heard anything about it.

    Anyways, I either need to find a way to use a specified certificate with my jailbroken iPod touch, or learn how to crack and edit their .mobileconfig file.

    Any suggestions? Is there software that can do this? I believe a .mobileconfig is signed, hence why I can't just open it in a text editor and change the wireless SSID. It says "invalid" on my ipod when I open it in the browser, if I try to edit it first.

    Thanks for any help you can/may give.

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