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    Right so i have a to-do list which i display on my windows desktop so whenever i'm at my computer i can constantly see all the things i need to do. It's just a .txt file embedded on the desktop. I have been looking for a way to edit this file from my iPod touch so when i get to my computer, changes i made while out and about are there for me to see.

    I tried Evernote, but it can't edit .txt files, and the notes it creates can't be read by the desktop text software.

    Next i tried having the text file in Dropbox and then editing this file with iFile on the iPod, but Dropbox only syncs pc - iPod, not backwards, even if you edit the file on the iPod touch.

    Is there any way i can just have a simple todo.txt file that i can edit on my iPod and see the changes on my desktop?

    I have my own server if that makes any difference, but i can't think of a way to automate downloads from it, or upload .txt to it from my iPod.

    any clever solutions would be greatly appreciated.

    and sorry if this is in the wrong section.

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