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    I sometimes need to change my MAC address, so I made a command that makes it easy to do. Delete the ".txt" from the end of the file, and put it in /usr/bin and set permissions to 777. Type in "mac" in terminal for instructions. Basically, you can enter the mac address as an argument, or use one of the addresses from the menu seen when you type "mac" with no arguments.

    The addresses in the menu can be set by editing the file like this:

    Add to or modify this list:
    echo "Available MAC Addresses:
    1 - 00:19:7E:4E:23:BF
    2 - 00:16:CF:3E:CF:CC
    3 - 00:16:CF:3E:D1:18
    4 - 00:16:CF:3E:D1:E2
    5 - 00:16:CF:3E:CF:8B
    6 - 00:16:CF:3E:CF:8C
    Then modify the next part to match:
    if [ $1 = [COLOR="Red"](MENU # HERE)[/COLOR] ] ; then
    /usr/bin/ifconfig en0 lladdr [COLOR="Red"](NEW ADDRESS HERE)[/COLOR]
    echo "MAC address is:"
    ifconfig|grep ether|cut -d" " -f2
    Each menu item has one of these entries, with the menu number and address to match. Just copy and paste to add an entry.
    If you understand these scripts, then it will be more clear than my explanation...

    I know it's pretty crude, but it helped me so I thought I'd post it

    If anybody has suggestions (it's my first attempt at a bourne script) or has a better version, please feel free to tell me!

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