Easy Guide To Listen To Streaming Internet Radio NO APPS NEEDED

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    1. Sign up for free for orb here: http://www.orb.com

    2. Make sure to download and install the orb server to your desktop

    3. Signed in to your account on orb.com(Make Sure Orb is running on ur PC)

    4. Click "Open applications" and then select audio

    5. Under audio select internet radio and then favorite channels and then click "Add Custom"

    6. Name it and put the URL of the stream in where it says path.

    7. Open safari on your touch, and navigate to orb.com. sign in then click on audio then on internet radio favorites. Now all channels added above should show up.

    8. Click on the channel you wish to listen to, then wait a few seconds and you will see a small circular play button appear on the screen, click on that and your channel will load.

    You should now hear the channel on your touch/iphone.

    Need Help? Email me: tylerisradd@aim.com

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