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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Dragon487, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Today I'll tell you one of the easiest method of getting DFU mode on(for people struggling with 10 second power+home) and getting your redsn0w-jailbroken iPod to boot.

    For this you need Boothelper.
    Gotten from:

    How to get into DFU mode:
    First, you must plug in your iPod via USB and make sure the sound on your computer is on. You must have USB sounds enabled (via the Sound settings in Control Panel).
    Once you have that, press power and home, until you hear a sound. Then, release power, and hold home until you hear a sound. For me, it takes 6 seconds for power+hold, and then another 6-7 seconds for home button.
    Ignore the Boothelper method of power and hold; it does not work as well as this method.

    I advise you to follow Boothelper's instructions. Do not replug until it says to, or this will not work.

    Things to remember:
    Sound, not timing.
    Read ALL instructions carefully from Boothelper. I forgot to type 'go' before I pressed ctrl+c and then n, thinking my iPod then needed to be restored (Needless to say, lost all my apps from this).
    DO NOT restore your iPod unless you are SURE that it needs to be activated (Plug into iTunes icon).
    If it does not work, try again.
    Your iPod will NEVER brick via redsn0w(until you start messing with MobileTerminal afterwards...shut up

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    If you need any help, I will ATTEMPT to help you or fix your problems.
    You may add me via MSN Messenger at dragonknight487@hotmail.com
    Or Skype as thedragon476.
    A possible alternative if you play RuneScape is to message me on there, my name on there is thedragon476.

    Boothelper: ???, btbn, chronic and ius
    Inspiration: C000LIN, all the 'bricked' noobs

    Thank you for reading, and hopefully you have a good day (maybe this helped you, and your day is better because of it).
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    Boothelper didn't work...

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