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    Hello everyone in the customization section. I recently found a great site for sharing files. I thought it would be good to show this forum the site because it will be easier to share multiple themes, wallpapers, icons, etc.

    The site is called: waiting for verification!

    With Drop.io you can add up to 100mb of files into a folder that is easily accessible to others. All you have to do is create a "drop" folder url and put your files in. You can allow anyone to see it, or only certain people.

    When you add your files to this drop folder, it goes into a gallery like folder. With many themes, wallpapers, and icons being made, this should be easy for people to view a whole gallery full of the user's work instead of hunting them down one by one.

    You can watch a tutorial if you really need to at: waiting for verification!

    There are very easy settings, and if you want, you can password protect your drop folder. Another good thing, is that these folders are immune to search engines, so people won't be able to search for your files when you don't want theme too.

    As I said earlier, there is 100mb of space available per drop folder. You can pay a small fee if you would like to greatly expan your folder, but I suggest just making a new one. This site should be very helpful to themers, and anyone who creates wallpapers and icons.

    Here is a screenshot of the main page.

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    I hope this is a helpful thread, because the site works great and I think this should be well suited for theming.

    Thanks everyone. Don't spam, read the rules, and help others respectfully.

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    Dude thats awesome! Thanks!

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