Easiest Way To Zip On Windows! Like A Mac!

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    Ok guys ive designed a batch file for windows that allows you to zip files for your repository or whatever other needs you have for maclike windows zipping...

    Downloading My File

    Head on over to http://maczipping.googlepages.com/zip.zip and download my file, containing my batch file and also Scythals zip folder which i have entitled "maczip"

    Extract it and copy both the batch and the maczip folder TO YOUR DESKTOP!!!

    Batch Prep
    Once the files are copied to your desktop, put whatever folders/files you would like to zip into the maczip folder. NOTE: This zip process is designed for folders however if you want a file zipped into it you must label the extension eg. repo.xml NOT repo.

    Using the Batch

    Once your folders and files are all in the necessary places, launch the batch file by double clicking it and there will be two opening screens recognizing Scythal and info about the zipper. Once you pass those screens an input prompt will appear like this:

    Enter Your Computer Username (Start Menu)

    Here just enter the username of the account you are signed into on windows. If your unsure of this click the start menu on your computer and it will be listed at the top along with your icon. Enter this into the prompt and hit enter. You will now get another looking like this:

    Enter What You Want Your Zip File To Be Named:

    Here is simply what it says. Enter the name you would like your finished zip to be called once the files/folders are zipped. The next screen will look like this:

    Enter the name of the folders to be zipped:

    Here you will enter the name of each individual folder/file (remember the extension for files) that you would like zipped. They MUST be in the maczip folder placed on your Desktop. The names of them, say for multiple folders, are seperated by spaces eg. folder1 folder2 photo6.jpg. Hit enter. The next screen will appear:

    Successfully zipped to the maczip folder!

    This indicates that the files/folders have been successfully zipped into the zip file with the name you specified earlier, and placed into the maczip folder along with your unzipped files.

    NOTE: If you enter an invalid file/folder name you will get an error and have to retry again.

    Here is a screenshot of the batch:

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    Well everyone, i hope this helps all you guys out there who were looking for a zip coding system similar to a mac/linux to zip your files!

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    Didn't I just see this in the iPod touch Applications section or something? Whatever, good guide anyway.

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