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    iPod touch
    After going through two protectors from a pack of three, finally the third one went on in the right position. But it seems I have a little something under the protector, on the usable area of the screen. There was an air bubble there, with possible a dust particle or something in the middle. I tried my best to remove the bubble but a little smudge remained.
    Will this cause trouble in the long run? (scratching the screen, moisture collecting, etc)?

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    I also noticed that after fitting the Griffin iclear solid case over the screen protector, there is a small air bubble on the back of the touch.
    Anyone have experience with this particular screen protector and case together?

    On closer examination, it seems that condensation occurs in that bubble on the back, giving it a hue. Upon removing the case repeteadly, there is a little smudge which can be wiped off, but it reappears minutes after I put the case on. Since the Itouch is uber-sensitive to water, or so I heard, I am thinking about abandoning the Iclear case. I only discovered the spot of possible moisture this morning, after I added the Ikross screen protector last night.

    Am I being paranoid or should I really get rid of the case and screen protector?


    Since I couldn't find any help online, I tried to take the matter into my own hands. I marked the spot on the case where the bubble/moisture occured and taped a small piece of tape on the inside. Since then, I don't see similar signs of condensation anywhere on in the case.

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