Duplicate apps won't launch or show up in springboard

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    Let me first apologize if this question has already been posted, I did search but I'm on my iPod so I just skimmed through the results.

    Alright, so here's my problem...
    I re-jailbroke my 8gb 1st gen iPod touch andit has the 2.1firmware installed. After I restored it in itunes, I put my backed up settings back on it and synced it with my mac. However, none of my apps show up on my iPod springboard. They do show up in boss prefs and catagories but there are up to 4 duplicates of my apps listed and they show up as not being hidden. I tried creating a new folder with catagories for them and they do show up in there although they will not launch when I try opening them. Any help would be greatly appreciated, otherwise I'll just try re-jailbreaking when I get home.

    Also, the apps are legit. I either purchased them or downloaded the free ones and they did copy when I synced with iTunes.

    Once again, thanks to anyone who may be able to help =]
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    Double Post, I know... Sorry.

    But! I found out the solution incase anyone else has this problem. There's actually two that I know of... This is for a freshly jailbroken iPod Touch (Iphone too probably)

    1. Run Cydia before syncing your apps and update Cydia... your apps should show up in springboard after syncing once Cydia has been updated.

    2. If you've synced before even using your jailbroken device and your apps don't show up in springboard... just update Cydia.

    The main problem is if you jailbreak and then restore from a backup on iTunes which had the apps already installed. It will think you have duplicates of the apps so be sure to either follow option 1 and then sync or follow option two but don't restore your device from a backup.

    I hope this helps anyone who might come across this problem, sorry again for the double post.

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