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    I was messing around with autohotkey, and while I was searching for a particular bit of code, I happened for find this awesome tutorial that gives you a shortcut-triggered, semi-transparent, drop-down command prompt.

    heres the tutorial:

    and you really dont need to read the whole tutorial if you dont want, just download the files at the end (you also need the 2 programs listed at the beginning of the tutorial)

    and I would suggest changing the alpha amount in the command.xml file to 230 or so instead of 200 so that its easier to see your text. I found that with alpha at 200 text was sometimes unreadable. and there is a way to set an image as the background of the command prompt window, but I never bothered to try it because I like the flat black style.

    now go, and be the envy of all who see your desktop!

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