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    Dec 1, 2007
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    How the hell can i get rid of it.
    I never used the program cause i hate it.
    How can i remove DRM copy protection from my library and anything i add to it in future?
  2. jd-08

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    Oct 3, 2007
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    Do a GOOGLE search for "myFairTunes"...

    What *frosts* me - is I paid for a movie for $14.95 from iTunes and it's 1.9GB!! I went to convert it to a smaller size for my Touch/iPhone - and I can't! 'Scuze me? I *bought it*! I have a legal license - and I can't do anything with the whopping big file - 'cept grab a bag of Pop-corn and now watch it on my PC that downlaoded it???

    Next time - I'm headed to Best Buy - and purchase the DVD FOR LESS MONEY!. At least that way I can sit on my couch and watch it on my TV - and spill pop-corn in my lap, rather than in my keyboard...

    /rant off

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