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Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by kyungjin, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Okay, this is just an idea, don't know if it could possibly work but...

    How about allowingthe iPod Touch to download some files off the internet using the Safari web browser. Also, these files could later be accessed in like a separate application that will have access to these files. For example... Say you navigate to a site that had a .mp3 file available for download. AFter the download completes itself, you can either run it whilst in Safari or through a separate application in the Springboard that will be able to play this file through a very basic music player separate from the iPod's original music player. This wouldn't be limited to only music files however, pictures and possibly quicktime movies could be played back in future releases (again, just a possibility).

    Some common files that could work:
    - Music: .mp3/.wma
    - Pictures: .jpg/.jpeg/.png/.bmp/.gif
    - Movies: .avi/.wmv/.mov

    Perhaps we could also be able to view and edit Office Applications in the future: .doc(x)/.ppt(x)/.xls(x)

    Such programs would greatly increase the potential of this amazing device and would primariy be geared for people who download their music off other sites, instead of using iTunes to download music and other media.

    Any opinions and comments on this?

    EDIT: It seems as if .mp3 files and many of the picture formats listed above can be played in the Safari web browser. Also, I have seen a way to download select file formats onto the iPod Touch. However, do you think we can extend this list to many more file types and allow playback offline all whilst making the interface user-friendly?

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