Downgrade from 1.1.4?

Discussion in 'iPod touch 1.1.4 Jailbreak' started by iPrawnzorYou, Feb 27, 2008.

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    Jan 14, 2008
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    i just bought my itouch today 16gb i returned my 8gb and bought the 16gb, it's the one that already has the 20$ aps on it and i wanna downgrade it to 1.1.1 to jail break my itouch again.
    the shift option for checking for updates wont work when i try and do 1.1.1 and the iphuc one ipodtouchmaster posted how to on youtube doesnt work for me either. when i type in enterrecovery nothing happens and it doesnt restart or what ever it should be doing once i press enter.

    Are there any other known ways on how to downgrade from 1.1.4?

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