Downgrade BaseBand 2.xx to 1.59

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    If you want to unlock your iPhone in the future, and accidentaly updated to 4.1 then here is how to downgrade to 4.0.2 and get the 1.59 BaseBand back

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    For windows :

    1. Go to WINDOWS/System32/drivers/etc/hosts and remove the line.

    2. Now just get the 4.0.2 IPSW and Shift-Restore to 4.0.2.

    For MAC :

    1. Right-click Finder -> Go to folder.

    2. Enter to the box "/private/etc/" and copy the hosts file in the desktop.

    3. Edit the hosts file (remove the line) and save it (without extention in the desktop).

    4. Copy it back to /private/etc/ and it will ask you to replace it, just accept it.

    5. Get the 4.0.2 IPSW and press Option + Restore to select it on iTunes.

    That's it

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