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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by BS87, May 11, 2008.

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    Ok, sorry i had to make this my first post but-

    I searched this forum and other sources, however i did not find anything like this; however i could have easily just skipped over or missed something.

    I'm about || close away from picking up an iPod touch but i want to make sure this is out there first since i'd be using it alot along w/ the other great functions.

    I'm a Bio/Chem major so ofcourse periodic table is going right on there but i was wondering; is there a good list-type application?

    Basically want something so that i can have sections (ie Chem, phsyics, bio) etc. Open up for instance, the physics folder, and there is a list of stuff that i could have, say subcatagories, IE formulas etc. Click on the one named Faraday, and i get a whole thing with the constant and information on it. Click on the one labeled optics and i get optics formulas.

    Note: i'm not looking for an app with all this pre-loaded in, just something that will allow me to organize out my notes as such (IE several main catagories, then multiple "documents" or entries within those catagories).

    If i'm missing something glaringly obvious, or if these types of posts are not encouraged, feel free to flame/ban me or just delete this post. But thanks in advance for any help!
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