Does anybody know iStorage app for iPhone & iPod Touch

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    This is a old app but has so many feature, like downloading from practically any website i ever tried on it . It can use WebDav accounts (like and others ) not only can it download from WebDav accounts but can upload to them . Plus it can use FTP wireless computer to Device file transferrer and works very fast with wireless file transfers i transfered a file 700 mb in size in only 4 minutes. It can play just about any file format avadable ( mp3,acc,mp4 a bunch of text documents ) . It has a Web Brouser built in for downloading and grabbing movies and other files. Did i mention that it can e-mail huge files in size using your own mail. It has Password protection, has folder on folder creating support, file mover, file creator and much much more, check this out in the app store. The price is 6.99 USD only !

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