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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by PieOPah, Apr 28, 2009.

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    I have had an iPod for years...

    Originally I had a basic iPod (I think it was a 2G or 3G, can't remember exactly) which came with a dock and wall charger (and only a firewire cable so I had to buy a USB cable!).
    After this, I upgraded to a Video iPod, which unfortunately only came with a USB cable (no firewire anymore).
    I then bought an iPod Touch (1G)

    All the while I used each device in the original dock and never had any problems.

    Now, I have bought myself the iPhone. So, why is it I now have a problem with the dock? When plugged in, a message appears on the screen advising me to go into Airplane Mode as I won't be able to receive calls.

    Have apple decided that they want even more money out of me if I want to use my dock? Is there anything I can do to keep using it without missing calls?

    Many thanks,
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    Seems that this isn't really a problem... I have been able to test and I still receive calls etc. I just say No to turning Airplane Mode on...

    Annoying that this message appears, but liveable!
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    Dude, I have a 250$ iPod Stereo. Made especially for iPods. Whenever I dock my iPhone and say no to Airplane mode the speakers start buzzing and stuff. Even if the stereo's on silent. You're lucky.
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    its something normal in the dock's programming. i have one too, the Apple Universal Dock, but sometimes when i do plug it in for charging, it never asks to put it in Airplane Mode.

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