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    As I've seen lots of apps using lighttpd, I just thought it was silly... There is a patch for Safari, so it could load offline files (file://). I lack competence in iphone development, but I think it should be simple enough to get mobile-finder to open files via safari just like links (file:///var/root/documents/somedocument.doc), any thoughts?
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    I used to feel the same way until I tried it. There are a few advantages to using lighttpd that you might not have considered.

    - The file-browsing interface. With PHP/CSS it's possible to create a very iphone-like file browsing interface. It's a lot quicker and cleaner getting around than trying to use MobileFinder.
    - previews. With a little php scripting, you can set it up so that not only do you get a really nice looking Directory browser, but also have jpgs and gifs preview automatically .
    - Sharing & Printing. With lighttpd, I can open the files on my phone on any computer (or even another phone) on my network with ONLY a web browser. I don't need WinSCP or Cyberduck or Terminal. Just a web browser pointed to my phone's IP. And then I can view or hear or even PRINT those files.

    And yes, I use password protection, so the files aren't exposed to those I don't want to have them.

    I use this on a daily basis, and carry a ton of reference materials with me this way. I can't remember the last time I bothered with a USB flash drive, and in many cases, this replaces the need for me to bring a laptop to a job site.

    Check out these links for some pre-made scripts:

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