Do you know how to do video out?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by drslippyfist, Oct 1, 2009.

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    Ok Ive searched this question and for some reason can not find anything and Ive asked this question and never received a good answer. I have purchased some nice video out cables that hook up to the dock, have a power adapter and have red,white and yellow plugs. I plug them into my tv and try to play a video but it just shows the first frame of the video and doesn't move. On my tv there is no picture or anything and I tried every input that I could. I really don't know the lingo so if you could explain this as in depth as possible I would appreciate it.

    Thanks for you help.
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    Yep, the video on your ipod won't move at all if you have it hooked up to the TV.. it should just show a frame, cos it's playing thru the TV.... puzzled me the first time, but yes, that is what is supposed to happen.

    Now.. did you flick thru the receiver channels (not the normal TV ones, it's usually on one of the top buttons on your TV remote (not the Tivo/Sky/Digital remote)..... but the channels that you change, say if you're playing the Playstation/Xbox??). I find the video for my iPod Touch will play only thru Video 2 for me tho of course it depends on your TV (I have 55" Sony Bravia but I've also played it thru my Panasonic 21" and 29" in the bedrooms). Normal TV (or Digital in my case) plays thru what is called Video 1 (AV1?)... iPod on Video 2 (which I think the Playstation plays on too - AV2).. and then you have like a HDMI channel if your TV supports it (for the HDMI cord from a laptop), maybe another one called DVD/VD, and maybe one that says Computer/Laptop, etc... Anyways, hopefully it will be one of those.. it's usually either the one that you'd play your Playstation thru... or the DVD/Video player channel that will work with your iPod Touch cord.

    Good luck!

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