Do The Apple! (Google)

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    • Ever heard the song "Do The Hustle" by Van McCoy? Well, Google's doin the Apple! In an attempt to "Fight Piracy", Google has disabled Developer G1 phones access to the Android Market Place. Meaning they can't download Apps from the Android Market Place (However many apps there are). This is because the Developer G1's have root access, allowing them to see folders/things they weren't allowed to see. Sound familiar? People who've gained root access on T-Mobile G1 phones can still access the Market Place, even if they have enabled Root access.

    Source: Gizmodo | MacWorld
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    that sucks...well I guess g1 users are going to do the iphone user then and find a hack. it shouldnt be hard, considering its an open-source device. plus look how much effort it took apple to make a worthy un-hackable device: theres been a TON of firmware updates and even a whole new device released and still we can gain root access and change things.

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