Do not jailbreak 1.1.5

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    Jan 8, 2009
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    All new cracks, tools, and developments for the iPod Touch are done based upon the 2.0+ firmware. No one is developing applications that take 1.1.5 into account. Each program and utility you will try to use has a good chance of not working or wiping out the entire device.

    Reliable jailbreak software that keeps up to date with Apple's engineers needs a community to generate it.

    1.1.5 has no community. No one develops for it. Any cracks that work WILL ONLY WORK ON A CASE BY CASE BASIS AND WILL HAVE PROBLEMS IN THE FUTURE.

    Pay 10$ to apple through the iTunes software connected via USB. It will enable you to use commercial grade jailbreaking software -- facilitating reliable access to the community of people making really excellent stuff.

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