Dissappointed with Android.

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    2G iPod touch
    Don't know if this is the right forum, in January I bought a 32 gig Ipod Touch. Love it. Jailbroke it played with everything. I was captivated by the amazing community for jailbreaking. People who took closed software broke that sh*t open and made it their....own, so to speak. I loved being able to fully customize it and the themes were wonderful.

    I figured it would be similar for an Open OS, I mean half the work and danger is done. So I picked up the G1...

    So woefully disappointed with the community. So I thought I would come to this community, and see if I could gather some help. I hope I am in the correct spot as well.

    I would like to know if it is possible to port certain jailbroken GUI's over to the G1/Android.

    Some of the widgets that overwhelmingly come to mind are the MultiBar Lockscreen, as well as the weather widget. Especially the weather icon widget. As well as adding a temperature notification like the weather icon add on added.

    I'd also really would like to know if anyone knows if it is possible to add themes to Android, specifically I would really love to port Tenuis. (If I could grab a hold of the creator to make sure it's okay with him/her.)

    I've posted this at an Android forum or two and with no results. A few days later. So please if you know anything I could do to help to port some of these things I would be glad to do so and am interested in trying.

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