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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by bauern, Nov 5, 2008.

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    So yesterday I was bored and decided I had too much junk apps on my ipod so I just restored since most everything is synced automatically (all music by one playlist, videos, email) and wouldn't take long to just re-jailbreak and set everything up again. Happy with my apps now, got rid of 20 I almost never used, but now none of my album art is displaying on my ipod. I've got art for all my albums and it just displays the default image like there isn't any art.

    Looking around a little and changing it to manually manage my songs I look at the songs that are on my ipod and I see the album art in iTunes. I've attached a pic to verify. So the album art is being uploaded with the songs to the ipod. I was using 2.1 before, so same version as before, same songs as before, only iTunes version has changed. It has to be in the file that iTunes creates for your library on your ipod and there's a bad reference in the album art. Any short term fix for this until a new version of iTunes comes out?

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