Disney World 24-hour span pictures!

Discussion in 'Customization Requests' started by disdude, Dec 19, 2009.

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    I have a custom lockscreen that changes 8 times over the day, according to the time of day. For instance, at 8 A.M. there is a sunrise picture when I turn on my iPod. Here's what I was thinking...

    How about a 24 hour span of Disney World? It can only be done in 8 pictures, and here is what I would like:

    1. Sunrise
    2. Morning
    3. Afternoon
    4. Day
    5. Sunset
    6. Dusk
    7. Night
    8. Twilight (This is more of a midnight, crowds are lower, more peaceful feel to it.)

    I know some of those are similar, but here's an example: Sunrise could be the sun rising over Magic Kingdom, and Morning can just be Main Street in the morning, bustling with people. The pictures do not have to be of the same park, you can Magic Kingdom for Morning, then switch to Epcot for afternoon!

    I actually already have a picture or two...http://www.flickr.com/photos/stuckincustoms/3866181791/ but I'm not sure they would look good fitting into lockscreen size...What do you guys think?
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    You could always crop it and add that 'widescreen' look to it.

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