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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by xcdjy, Jun 6, 2010.

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    4G iPod touch
    I'm using a jailbroken iPod touch 2G 8GB running FW 3.1.2.
    Whenever I SSH something to my iPod, my iPod brings up the error, "Warning: You are running out of disk space...".
    I did some Googling and I couldn't work out what was wrong.
    When connected to iTunes (and I just did a sync to make sure), I have:

    5.17GB of Audio
    13.6MB of Photos
    281.2MB of Apps
    622.4MB of Other
    972.2MB Free Space

    Why am I receiving errors about low disk space when I'm just short of having a GB of free space?
    This only happens through SSH, I can still add a gig of music or apps or whatever, no problem.
    Anyone know a fix?
    EDIT: Ah, fix'd. To anyone that was wondering, I think the location of where I was sshing the stuff was relevant. I went from placing it in a subfolder in the root to "Media" and had no problems.

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