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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by jeffmicklos, Sep 18, 2008.

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    I just got my iPod Touch (not the brand new ones) and I started putting music on it today. The way I did this was: I ripped the songs I wanted off my old iPod onto my desktop (not into iTunes) then dragged them from my desktop straight into my new iPod (via the sidebar in iTunes, so they are not in itunes). Everything was all cool, I only had some album art missing. So I plugged my new friend back in and manually added album art for a couple albums (I manually manage music so I just right clicked them in the iPod through iTunes and pasted the art in).
    This is where it gets really confusing, the term iTunes is now going to refer to viewing the the iPod via iTunes, you know, from the left hand sidebar.
    So, if I bring up the album art pane in iTunes, my new album art shows but it doesn't show the updated art in coverflow on the iPod. It shows some of the new art when I hone in on one particular album, though. (I also have that pesky problem of randomly blank covers at certain times).

    If you are still with me, thank you. Can anyone suggest a fix for this? It seems as though coverflow has cached the album art or something...

    One more quick question:
    When my iPod is plugged it, it is fully functional. Is that always the case with the touch or is that my problem?

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