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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by DarkWrath, May 2, 2010.

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    Peculiar iPod Problem

    I've had my iPod Touch (2nd Gen, 3.1.3, 16GB), since a month after release and so far has given me no problems. However, recently (since yesterday), the screen has started flashing like a strobe light and goes through periods where the screen is very dim. The image on the screen is still visible.

    I have done a DFU restore and I have turned the brightness up. It also goes through periods where the touchscreen is unresponsive or it will just have a mind of it's own, choosing apps to open and then closing them on a whim. I am now 75% that this is hardware problem, I'm wondering if anybody has ever experienced this kind of thing before and if so, how did they fix it.

    I'm off to the apple store tomorrow with it to fix it up and i'll get back to you guy's to tell you how it goes.


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    Peculiar Problem

    Assuming the device had moisture in it, I placed it in a bag of rice overnight and then, in the morning, put the iPod on a windowsill facing the sun to dry out any remaining moisture. This seemed to fix the strobe lighting spasms my phone, the unresponsiveness of the touchscreen and the apparent mind of it's own that my iPod had, but I'm now left with an even more peculiar problem. My iPod's volume buttons (specifically, the Up button) now lock the iPod. The lock button now, in addition to locking the iPod, controls the volume.

    Has anybody else experienced this problem? Any ideas on how to solve this? What could be causing it?

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