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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Klesk1414, Oct 9, 2009.

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    I just recently bought myself a 32gb iPod touch and was ready to throw some movies on it with my music. The movies I decided to put onto my iTunes were the Digital Copies of my Blu-ray movies which allow to be transferred over to Windows Media Player and iTunes each with a serial code.

    On the back of each case it specifically says can be transferred as a portable version to an iPod which I assume will work no problem right?

    My problem is when I load in the DVD and transfer, it downloaded from iTunes and is put into the video library. Once I hit play nothing happens. It is just a blank grey screen with the play time moving forward and no audio. When I sync to my iPod touch I see a message that comes up and says "Unable to play video". My next step was to check the video format, on the back of the case it says the movies include a "H.264 enhanced digital file at 1.5Mbps and MPEG-4 file" which if I have read correctly the iPod touch plays the H.264 video format.

    When I view under windows explorer i see the MPEG 4 icon and under properties it says MPEG-4 video file (.m4v). This format was automatically put into my movies library and will not play.

    However on a side note. I have a small video that does work on both iTunes and my iPod touch under Windows Media Player (.mp4)

    My question is if anyone else has encountered this problem or has tried to use the similar Digital Copies onto their iPod of can provide any suggestions please, I would appreciate it if this can get working.

    Thanks you
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    I have no idea how to fix your problem, but i do have a suggestion. I have (and love) a program called 123Movies2iPod. It allows you to transfer DVD's into itunes readable formats. The quality is great, but its not like watching a movie you downloaded from the itunes store. It can be a little "pixley"/blocky somtimes, and in movie subtitles (for example if jabba the hut is talking) wont come up on screen. Aside from those two minor problems, this program is awsome. You can put any DVD you own on your ipod.
    oh and if you have a PSP it also converts files for that too.

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