did i set up partition right for ubuntu?

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    **Mods move this to Linux section please, didnt see it.

    i just dont want to overwrite my entire drive so just checking with you guys about this...

    Ok so I was following this tutorial.

    And on Windows Vista, i went to computer>manage>disk managment
    I selected the drive and right clicked and selected "shrink volume"

    then it made another box with about 30GB in it.

    so while im installing on step 4, the partition manager I select "Guided - Largest Continuous Free Space"

    and the screen says:
    before: dev/sda1 : 0% dev/sda2 : 77% free space : 21%
    after: Ubuntu 8.10 : 100%

    are these the settings i should use?

    once again just making sure, ive searched and used tutorials and stuff, just making sure because i don't want to overwrite my entire drive.

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