[Dev JB] Visual aid for the (Mac) Terminal phobic

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    Jan 15, 2008
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    I'm not a huge fan of the terminal - yeah, I'm a GUI whore, what of it?

    Anyway, after messing around for a while trying to get things to work using the terminal on the iPod, I gave up and used the random bits of information i'd seen around (being a complete terminal nood, that was the extent of my schooling) and took a crack at it from the Mac.

    Anyway it all worked great, I had to manually reboot the iPod after the terminal connection dropped (I thought it had failed actually) but when the iPod came back to life iTunes immediately reinstalled the app pack and synced everything as I'd left it before downgrading to 1.1.1 to start this process.

    Long story short, I've created an image of the terminal session and coloured MY input in green and made some comments in yellow - hopefully this helps other complete noobs (like me) tackle the process with a little more confidence.

    I should point out too that I'd used an sftp client (transmit) to put the files onto the ipod in readiness.

    Edit: obviously you'll have use your iPods IP address to do this - mine wont get you far!

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    lol, some of the text will freak some people out.."no such directory"

    I think I'll stick with my nate JB till I actually need to use this JB/or wait for an easier method.

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