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    Sep 28, 2007
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    I just want this file on the iphone dev/cu.bluetooth

    someone can give dev/cu.bluetooth , this file is protected

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    (sorry for my english ! )

    you can't send by mail
    you can't sen by ishare
    you can't rename the file ....

    if someone have an idea

    one man think It's just to try and enable bluetooth But apparently this file is necessary

    you can't copy via fugu cu.bluetooth
    you can't copy via afp cu.bluetooth
    you can't edit via fugu cu.bluetooth
    you can't edit via afp cu.bluetooth
    you can't rename cu.bluetooth
    move does not change anything cu.bluetooth
    you c'ant send by mail cu.bluetooth
    you can't delete cu.bluetooth

    somebodu can try with linux ?

    i have the file, but when i put this file au the ipod touch in dev with filezilla (it's impossible with winscp)
    the file are in dev but after this file disappears
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    Feb 1, 2008
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    wow! youve stumbled on some kind of 'special' file... thats insane, and uncopiable file -- hectic!!!

    i bet if you manage to copy it, it will enable bluetooth!!!

    hangon, i will try with linux if that cant enable it, i will call the dev team and tell them about this crazy file

    .. i was just thinking, can you copy anything from /dev?? - that might hold the key!

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