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Discussion in 'Application Ideas' started by mikeytrowsers, May 12, 2009.

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    May 12, 2009
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    now I know it may not mean a lot to some people that read this thread, but I would love if someone found or created an app that would let you basically showcase a demo reel. I work on Final Cut Pro and my job is basically video editing, among other things, and one reason I got an Ipod touch was to showcase the videos I had created/edited so I would always have them with me... just in case a better job opportunity came-a-knocking.

    The general idea would be the ability to create a custom menu similar to what would be located in a DVD menu. I know it may sound gay, but I think it would be fun for some people who are interested in video editing. Trust me. There's nothing like people seeing YOUR videos the way YOU intended and knowing it's all YOUR fault... lol. Till someone finds/creates this app I'll just have to use the native video player on the ipod touch...

    any clarifications needed, I think I have the whole thing figured out... just no idea how to create it...

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