Deleting apps and White apples of death...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by MicroByte, Jul 24, 2008.

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    With the new apps and 2.0, I think most of us have had our fair share of crashes and reboots. Sometimes, something far worse happens and your touch decides to put up the white apple screen of death!

    I think I found something that might cause this and wanted to pass it along. A few days ago I was cleaning up some of the apps I had been messing with and no longer wanted. I deleted a handful of apps directly on the touch and proceeded to shut down for a clean reboot. Well, needless to say, that damn white apple stared at me. Thinking it would just take a while, I left it on. It never came back.

    I was forced to restore and thought all was good. Well, same situation again yesterday, not learning the first time, or remembering what had happend before. Same white apple of death...

    Well, since I had nothing to lose, I tried it again today. I added 1 app (NY Times) and proceeded to delete and then immediately reboot the touch. White screen o death...

    Restored and tried again, this time waiting a while before rebooting. Everything loaded fine on reboot. I think something must be going on still in the background when you delete an app that get's corrupted if interrupted with something like a reboot. All I know is that I am going to let things settle for a while after I've done anything to my touch since it seems more volatile than my Jailbroken touch ever was... Imagine that!

    Just wanted to pass it along as a thought...

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