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    How to use buttons on Ipod Touch

    I dont know how many people here use but i certainly do. Mainly to have one big chunk of bookmarks instead of several dispersed around the various computers I use.
    anyways, I wondered if I could have the delicious bookmark buttons on the iPot and of course without much tinkering with Safari you probably can't have the buttons on there per-se. But i found a little workaround that allows you to post your bookmark on with 2 clicks (instead of 1

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    the trick is to use the button script provided for safari and save it as a bookmark. of course you cant really bookmark that address so instead you have to sort of write it manually in the Bookmarks.plist file.

    1. Here is the file:
    It contains just the link.

    2. Place it in this directory on your ipot: /var/root/Library/Safari.
    !!This will replace your existing Bookmarks file - sorry.!! If you have a lot of precious bookmarks - you will have to add them again.

    3. To post your bookmark: go to a website you want to save -> click on your bookmarks -> click on " button" bookmark.
    A window will open up with the post page. After you click on "save" it should shoot you back to the original page.

    I haven't tried the Bookmarks.plist file on other iPots (mainly cuz I have only one) but if for some reason this doesn't work - please let me know, I am in no way an expert.
    And remember - always backup

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    I too am a fan of so I appreciate this post. I have added it to my Safari and I will test it out when I get home to my wifi connection. More to come.

    I would be cool to have a application that you could launch that would log you in and then you could use this as your start point for web browsing. Just a though.

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