Deciding between Files vs AirSharing vs MobileStudio

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    Hi fellows, I'm gonna invest in a file viewer/organiser app and have difficulty deciding between the 3 above.

    MobileStudio wins by price but in terms of landscape support and memory handling issue I've read it lags(no pun intended) far behind. Is it even true that it has NO lanscape support?

    Like Files and Air Sharing for their isolated Public folder concept, but I'm curious: does Files not have the "folder tree navigation" capability of Air Sharing? i.e. I've seen a screenshot where tapping and holding the "title" bar of Air Sharing display a drop-down list of the higher-level folders? Does "Files" have this? Is it possible for transferring files between folders in Air Sharing?

    Also which app is more capable in handling images in their full glory?

    In addition, I notice "Files" allows one to bookmark their progress in documents and also "go-to-page-x", does Air Sharing offer this?

    Furthermore, I understand some of these file viewer apps erase the data contents upon app-update, does it affect the 3 I mentioned here?

    Also, can I transfer more than a file at one time with the 3 apps here? In fact, I'll like to drag whole folders full of documents at one shot into the device.

    Lastly, does any of the 3 offer file-level password protection or is it always 2 options: everything private and only those in the "Public folder" is public?

    My primary purpose is viewing large PDF files, i.e. equipment instruction manual, and heavy image viewing on the app.

    Thanx in advance.

    P.S. Shld there be a better file organiser/viewer app than the 3 above, pls do recommend.

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