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    Ok, since the only forums I ever read are IPTF and the Darkfall online forums, I thought I'd toss out a line and see if I got anyone interested.


    The game's forums are almost as hardcore as the game itself.
    bear in mind that a lot of vengeful trolls lurk about in the Darkfall forums though. You've been warned.

    new/old video link:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fiIY8tg2qBs


    Darkfall Online is a sandbox-type MMORPG that I play, and have been addicted to since it's launch in February. It is a free-for-all Full Loot FPS MMO and, seriously, you have to try it. The core of the game is all about clan warfare and sieges on cities. But, there is a HUGE and instance-free world to explore, and all kinds of crazy monsters to kill. There are no names floating above someone's head, unless you point your cursor at them, so you can actually hide in the world. Stealth is totally viable in this game. Real stealth, not invisible mode. And there is no targeting system. It is FPS style fighting, which is part of what makes Darkfall so awesome. Besides the fact that it is full loot. Yes, you can lose everything if you die and someone loots your grave. You can kill anyone at any time, unless you are in a NPC starter-city with lighting towers.

    Anyways, I'm not doing it justice, check it out.

    The developer is Aventurine, a small indie company in Greece. They are growing and so is the game, which is partly what keeps me playing I think, knowing that the game is getting better and better.

    Some of my friends and I are having a blast in this game! If you need something new to play that's not really like anything else available right now, give it a try.

    The latest expansion "Conquer the Seas" came out early in December and it is Awesome!
    They added a new monster in the seas called the Kraken. If anyone has seen Pirates of The Carribean, this is indeed the same monster. There are now Sea towers to capture and Ship battle has been improved with tweaks to spells and lower costs for ship building. In this latest expansion Aventurine have also attempted to balance Magic vs Melee in combat as magic was overpowered before. This game just keeps getting better and better!

    Conquer the seas videos:

    The Kraken

    Sea battles:

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    You can Purchase and/or sign up for the free trial of Darkfall here:

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