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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by richardcav, Jan 20, 2010.

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    I have itunes set up in xp, but the applications window is darkened and "locked". I've exhausted all options: studying the directory of the original laptop where it worked, copied all files over to the new one, transferred purchases from ipod touch, authorized, etc.

    XP on this laptop, however, is virtual since my ipod won't even show up in Windows 7. In that case, the ipod shows up as a camera, with two options: open camera files in windows explorer, or use a picture viewer to view the pictures. If all goes right, it appears as camera/scanner and is presented in itunes.

    So, I have an older computer I'm trying to "discard", a new computer with duo OS..one that recognizes ipod but not itunes, and one that recognizes itunes but not ipod.

    If I can fix that pesky application problem, I'm pretty set to go, except that I'd rather not have to open virtual xp to use itunes.

    Any thoughts?

    This may be a duo post, but I can't locate the last post. I'm out of town and it's been a lonnnggg week.


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