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    Ok so, I want to re-jailbreak my iPod.
    It was running *extremely* slow so I decided to back it up.

    This back up WAS when my iPod was jailbroken.

    So, as you know, when you restore it, it's not jailbroken anymore, but I did restore it from a jailbroken state so there are some weird remnants on it. like my upper-right hand corner thing still says "Ryan's iPod" instead of "iPod"

    Ok, so, I was trying QuickFreedom and I always get an "error:Could not create firmware!" (Though, I doubt this has anything to do with the iPod at this state, just the firmware and computer itself, right?)

    anyways, i'm thinking of COMPLETELY restoring this back to when I bought it, just in case.

    I have like 130 contacts I DON'T WANT TO LOSE.
    How can get these contacts to my computer?
    I tried the google/yahoo/sync thing and it didn't work. it just didn't show up when I used them.

    is there an alternative?
    im pretty frustrated, im just trying to get such a stupid thing off of my ipod
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    Just right click your iPod in iTunes and back up.
    That backs up your settings, contacts, calendar, etc.

    Just none of your music/videos or apps are kept.
  3. Caziban

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    Alright I'll try that
    so I can re-sycn my contacts after I jailbreak?

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