Cydia shsh blobs.?

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by iSkate16, Sep 16, 2010.

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    Sep 15, 2010
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    Okay. I have an ipod touch second generation.
    and i have a question about my shsh blobs.
    I learned about shsh blobs right after i upgraded to 4.0
    so i saved my shsh.
    Then i had my shsh from 3.1.2 on my computer even though i didnt know.. i still saved them.
    Now i never upgraded to 4.0.2 and im wondering how cydia has my shsh blobs for 4.0.1
    After i upgraded to 4.1 to save my shsh blobs.
    after i downgraded back to 4.0 i opened up cydia and i also had 4.1 and 3.1.2? even though i had saved my shsh blobs for 3.1.2 it didint know up on cydia it only showed 4.0.?
    Should i be worried?
    and how does cydia have m 4.0.2 shs blobs?

    Heres a picture.

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    Jun 22, 2010
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    When Apple is signing firmwares, Saurik's servers back them up automatically. I have 4.1 sigs saved for my other iPhone, it's on 4.0.2.

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