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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by iphone2424, Mar 4, 2010.

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    Hello guys!
    Well I downloaded Iaccess from Icy. After doing so, I then try to go back to icy to download a keyboard theme and it wouldn't open. Also I tried to open CYDIA AND IFILE.. they all wouldn't open... It just loads then goes right to the spring board after a few seconds. Every other app works. I do have SSH and MobileTerminal.. is there anyway to fix it through those resources? I really do not want to restore and loose everything. PLease help

    UPDATE: I notice when changing winterboard themes it does not automatically re-spring like it usually and should do. I have too manually respring it myself. It seems that what ever I downloaded caused my iphone to block the iphone from getting into its system...

    UPDATE: Problem was solved..after some researched I notice many people had problems with iAcces 4 English, but nothing like mine. I deleted the iacces through Cydelete but an error came up stating iAcces couldn't not be uninstalled blablala. so only the app icon was gone. Well I ran mobileterminal then ran dpkg -r and uninstalled it successfully.Now everything is normal again.

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