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Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by berky93, Aug 18, 2008.

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    ok so I just finished jailbrekaing my 2.0.1 ipod, and I went to cydia to install openssh and winerboard. they installed, then I exited the app. nothing happened. no respring or reboot or anything, as I expected would happen (only because installer does it) frankly, I've never used cydia before and dont know whats supposed to happen. so I went into installer, but then realized killboard was probably in cydia. so I exited installer (it froze and I had to force-quit) and went into cydia again. it said it was configuring something or updating something (cant suite remember) and that it wold reboot when it was finished. it was just a black page with white text and a spinning wheel. now the text is gone and trhe wheel is still there, but not spinning.

    Its been like this for a long time and I dont nkow what I'm supposed to do. is it still doing something? or should I just force-quit?

    EDIT: I cant force-quit. what can I do to exit this app? I really dont want to restart because every time I do, I have to rename applications to applications2, un-rename it when my ipod is started, and do an extremely long sync session with itunes. unless someone knows how to unhide apps manually...

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