Cydia, Installer, installing the same files?

Discussion in 'iOS Jailbreak & Cydia' started by noced, Jun 10, 2009.

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    What happens when both Cydia and Installer have the same app/addon and I installed it from both?

    As you all know, when you download something from Cydia that requires another thing to work (like if you download a Winterboard theme, it requires the Winterboard app to work), Cydia will automatically download the prerequisite app for you.

    So here's a real example:
    On the first day of my jailbreak I installed SBSettings from Installer.
    A few days later I wanted iMobileCinema SBSettingstoggle (I'd already installed iMobileCinema from Cydia) and could only find it on Cydia. SBSettings is required for the SBSettingstoggle (duh), but Cydia doesn't know I already have SBSettings, so it downloaded and installed and unpacked SBSettings for me. I would have taken a screenshot of the installation log but it didn't occur to me then.

    So, do I have two instances of SBSettings on my iTouch? Will my SBSettings hang/crash/freeze when I start up my device because there are two clones of it fighting to be loaded? (It seemed fine after I restarted springboard from Cydia but I don't have it with me now to test what happens when I restart the iTouch) Or do the files simply overwrite each other or merge or something? Do I merely get leftover useless scrap files that do nothing?

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